20 Witty Comics Perfectly Capture Situations That Happen with Girls




Witty comics, with their sharp humor and clever storytelling, provide a playful exploration of the joys, challenges, and idiosyncrasies of being a girl. These comics, often created by talented artists who have an intimate understanding of the female experience, celebrate the moments that shape girls’ lives with wit, charm, and relatability. They capture the nuances of female experiences with a keen eye for detail and offer a humorous lens through which readers can see their own lives reflected.

Kayden Hines is a cartoonist and illustrator who has gained a large following online for her witty comics that perfectly capture the everyday lives of girls. She has over 115,000 followers on Instagram. Hines’ comics are often relatable and funny, and they often deal with topics that are relevant to girls, such as body image, relationships, and social media. She has a gift for finding humor in everyday situations, and her comics often leave readers feeling understood and entertained.

Witty comics have found a home on various platforms, allowing artists to connect with a broad and diverse audience. These comics are easily shareable, making them a catalyst for conversations among girls and women. By sharing and engaging with the comics, readers become part of a community that celebrates the humor and relatability found within the stories. Through clever storytelling and artistic charm, these comics capture the joys, challenges, and idiosyncrasies of the female experience. They offer a space for laughter, reflection, and connection, reminding girls that they are not alone in their experiences. So, dive into the world of witty comics, embrace the humor in everyday life, and celebrate the unique journey of being a girl.

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Credit: Kayden Hines

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#1. Work out

#2. Fashion

#3. Folding

#4. Easy method

#5. Commercials

#6. Six pack

#7. Grocery

#8. Smile

#9. Evolution

#10. Salt bae

#11. Juice

#12. Got it

#13. Good picture

#14. Not much has changed

#15. Glasses

#16. Relatable

#17. Meanwhile

#18. Sleeping

#19. Gym

#20. Liars

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