The artist’s 30 honest comics depict a girl’s struggles with anxiety

If you don’t feel productive today, don’t worry about a thing. We […]

If you don’t feel productive today, don’t worry about a thing. We are in the midst of something big, life-changing, and historically impactful. And the least we should worry about is whether we write a paragraph, outline something or write a story. It’s so easy to feel like you’re not going to accomplish anything.

Comic book artist and illustrator Kayden Hines is always open to her fans about how she doesn’t have the most perfect kind of life. The ex-corporate turned creative always has a passion for art. The married woman loves to do comics, and we found her stories to be very relatable to many women. We know our readers will definitely agree with us!

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#1 I’m doing what I can help with.

#2 They all deserve love.

#3 Why does my brain like to warn me about something I have no power over?


#4 That ego boost when you realize you’re a senior now.

#5 People and late people.

#6 An in-depth brainstorming on my traveling behavior…


#7 If only you could block their number.

#8 Guilty as charged.

#9 Love you, mom!


#10 No, I won’t give i- Okay, I gave in.

#11 You mean this isn’t everyone’s?

#12 How to handle 2021: get a bigger wine glass.


#13 How to sound just right?

#14 God, what a monster.

#15 “Rip Van Winkle vibes.”


#16 Compact version.

#17 It’s okay, one thing at a time!

#18 This water is so tasteless!


#19 When your work turns into a religion.

#20 Everyone deserves love!

#21 “Why is it so hard to keep my actual plants alive while my produce is THRIVING?”


#22 “A visual diary.”

#23 How… how am I?


#24 “New quarantine activity: unsubscribing from every email list I didn’t know I was subscribed to.”

#25 It’s hard to be living your best life right now.

#26 Progress, nonetheless.


#27 What do you mean I should maintain eye contact?

#28 When you least expect it…

#29 “You’d think after a week of doing nothing on my couch, I’d be sick of it, but no.”



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