20 Silly Single-Panel Artworks That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Single-panel artworks possess a unique charm and the uncanny ability to elicit laughter in a concise yet powerful manner. These bite-sized masterpieces, whether they’re cartoons, comics, or standalone illustrations, have a knack for tickling our funny bone. Single-panel artworks distill humor into its purest form. With limited space, artists must convey a punchline or a humorous scenario without the luxury of a long narrative. This simplicity often leads to hilariously unexpected outcomes.


Joseph Nowak’s single-panel artworks are a testament to his unique ability to tickle our funny bone with their clever and often absurd humor. With a keen eye for observational comedy and a talent for capturing life’s quirkiest moments, Nowak’s art has a way of evoking laughter and delight in viewers. You can also access some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by simply clicking here.

Credit: Nowak Draws

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#1. Looks Weird

#2. Hilarious


#3. Laundry

#4. Didn’t Realize


#5. He knows the difference

#6. How Lovely!


#7. Zig-Zagging

Nowak Draws is an Instagram account run by Joseph Nowak, a digital artist and illustrator. Nowak is known for his colorful and whimsical illustrations, which often feature characters from popular culture as well as his own original characters. Nowak’s Instagram account is a great place to see his latest work, as well as behind-the-scenes content and process videos. He also often posts challenges and prompts for his followers to participate in. He is a great artist to follow on Instagram if you are looking for inspiration or just want to see some beautiful artwork.

#8. So Cheap


#9. Married a loser

#10. Scan it


#11. Believe me

#12. Brain List


#13. Not Again

#14. Bandages


One of the hallmarks of Nowak’s work is the unexpected twist. He has a knack for setting up scenarios that seem commonplace but then infusing them with a surprising and comical element that catches viewers off guard. He creates silly and funny artwork. His Instagram account has 15,000 followers and features a collection of his unique and creative artwork. Nowak’s single-panel approach is all about efficiency. He conveys humor in a concise and straightforward manner, without the need for a complex narrative. This simplicity often results in a powerful and immediate humorous impact.

#15. Strange Things

#16. Hair Care Kit


#17. Changed

#18. Of course


#19. What?

#20. Oops!


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