Two Most Interesting Stories by Artist “Jenny Jinya,” Whose Comics Usually Make People Cry (20 Pics) 




Jenny Jinya is a well-known Instagram artist who has amassed a sizable following of 747,000 people thanks to her potent and provocative drawings. Particularly in regards to animal welfare and environmental problems, her work is renowned for its poignant messages and emotional impact. In 2018, Jenny Jinya, whose true name and identity are unknown, first came to public notice with her comic book series “Good Boy,” which tells the tale of a faithful dog who dies and is greeted by a jovial Grim Reaper. 

The series rapidly gained popularity, connecting with viewers all over the world and igniting discussions about the emotional connections between people and animals. Since that time, Jenny Jinya has persisted in producing potent images that call attention to significant issues, especially those pertaining to animal welfare. Animals in distressing or susceptible circumstances, such as those caught in plastic or battling in polluted environments, are frequently depicted in her artwork. The art of Jenny Jinya serves as a potent reminder of the value of empathy and compassion in a world that frequently appears chilly and uncaring.

The emotional impact of Jenny Jinya’s illustrations and their capacity to start significant discussions about social and environmental problems have received high praise. In addition to her illustrations, Jenny Jinya also uses her platform to advocate for animal welfare and raise awareness about problems such as climate change and plastic pollution. Through her illustrations, she challenges us to reflect carefully on the effects of our actions and to take into account the wellbeing of all living things. The following part contains a collection of her best drawings.

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Credit: Jenny Jinya

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#1. Story about black cats

Jenny Jinya portrays a black cat in this story who is consistently turned down by prospective adopters at an animal shelter due to its color. Because of its perception that no one will ever adore or accept it due to the color of its fur, the cat grows more and more lonely and depressed. She continues, “I also have a continuation of “Black Cats,” in addition to a short Christmas tale for you.” You’ll meet the Reaper’s little hidden helper because I don’t want to leave you depressed during the holidays. Even the weather contains a lot of goodness. By navigating to the following part, you can read the entire narrative. 

#2. Happy Halloween

Jenny Jinya’s stories are impactful and poignant, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of treating animals with compassion and empathy. This story is about a happy Halloween, in which we see a black cat and different characters. You can understand the whole thing by scrolling down to the section below. 

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