20 Infinite Monkey Business Comics Based on Dark Jokes and Dumb Ideas

Sometimes humor comes from feeling somewhat better about the characters in the comic. We can smile at dumb ideas since we don’t think we would do something that ridiculous. We laugh at dark jokes or dumb ideas to make our day better. We’re accepting that the world can be weird and messed up, but we can find humor in it together. That’s why we bring such a collection of comics to you.

Demitrios Haldes is a talented artist who has made a name for himself in the comic book industry since 2015. He is well-known for his humorous and cheerful perspective on life’s mysteries. Infinite Monkey Business is the username of his Instagram account. This talented artist has gained 7,429 dedicated fans. The following section contains a selection of his funniest comics.

Credit: Infinite Monkey Business

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#1. Forgetful

#2. Mathematician

#3. Merry Christmas


#4. Online Dating

#5. Dinner

#6. Excited to try


He presented himself as an American comic book artist who had only recently begun out. He studied fine painting for two years at a community college, and the artist claims that once he was skilled in his craft, he began creating comics. He’s always drawn, but he hasn’t taken cartooning seriously as a means of expressing his feelings.

#7. Mosquito

#8. Dreams

#9. Follow me


#10. Not Stirred

#11. Future

#12. Stop Him


#13. Art

#14. Ring of power

#15. Old Days


He searches in many different places for inspiration for her artwork. It’s a mirror of the artist’s most recent issues, which are weird thoughts about hanging out with friends and his daily life. He has a hard time giving up feelings, memories, or ideas. He thus ends up making comics out of them. Click here to see more of his comics.

#16. Vision

#17. New Coffee

#18. Nobody


#19. Tree Hugger

#20. Never Learned

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