20 Brown Paper Bag Comics Shows Humor in the Daily Situations of Family Life

Brown Paper Bag Comics is a web comic series created by well-known artist Sailesh Gopalan. He is also known by his nickname, Saigo. He features slice-of-life stories focusing on a stereotypical family on his Instagram account. The artist particularly shows the experiences of two angsty teenagers, whose good names are Kabir and Ananya. They live a life and share experiences with their overprotective and strict parents.


He finds humor in the everyday situations of family life by employing relatable jokes about parent-child relationships, cultural quirks, and social thoughts. The artist also explores themes that resonate with a broader audience, such as family relationships, teenage struggles, and the challenges of growing up. He has 294,000 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Brown Paper Bag Comics

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#1. Hilarious


#2. Back to the future


#3. Conversation

#4. Crying


#5. Goodness Gracious

#6. Broken Bone


He launched this comic series in 2016 and quickly gained popularity for its relatable humor and honest portrayal of family situations. He has drawn inspiration from his own experiences growing up in a fabulous family. His comics are known for their simple yet expressive art style and witty dialogue.

#7. Put Up a Brave Confront

#8. Better Luck Text Time


#9. Vet Behind the Ears

#10. The Day Off


#11. Photo time

#12. Touchy Topic


#13. For Better or For Worse

#14. Oversharing is Scaring


#15. Myth Your Match

His comics sometimes touch on social issues faced in society, but that is not the main focus, with the emphasis remaining on humor and relatable situations. If you’re looking for a web comic that offers a humorous and insightful look into Indian family life, Brown Paper Bag Comics is a great choice. For more such fabulous content, visit our website daily.

#16. Unsolicited Click Pic


#17. Fair in Laugh and Bore

#18. Smoke screen


#19. Adopted a cat

#20. Don’t Be So Show


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