20 Comics Based on Random Situations by “Idiot of the East”




Idiot of the East, Comics allows us to laugh at the absurdity or ridiculousness of our lives as well as gain a better understanding of contemporary culture. It would be extremely brave of you to dive headfirst into the enormous sea of somewhat offensive jokes if you are used to experiencing both highs and lows in life. Dark humor can make anything enjoyable, just as flavorful spices improve meals. It is the best way to turn sadness into happiness. 

We have another excellent collection of comics for you today to brighten your day. Jauneil Arvin Ma-ao, a Filipino artist sometimes referred to as “Idiot of the East,” is able to turn ordinary occurrences into humorous images. More than 76,500 of his Instagram followers find enjoyment in his amusing and relatable comics. He’s only trying to make his line of work into something that pays. He always tries his best to make the best dark comics for his fans. 

He finds that the hardest part of the creative process is his tendency to procrastinate, which causes his work to be constantly postponed. Fortunately, he appreciates the real remarks he gets from those who are enthusiastic about his paintings. Some of his outstanding illustrations have been collected by us. As a thank you for your perseverance and bravery, get ready for our modest surprise down below! They will seem hilariously close to many people’s daily activities. By clicking here, you may view his earlier posts on boredcomics. Have fun and a good day!

Credit : Idiot of the east

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#1. Curse those stupid clickbait thumbnails

#2. The only way to save this timeline

#3. Valentines in the Warhammer

#4. Happy Valentines though!

#5. Blanket Thief

Idiot of the East

#6. At least, Sasuke and Batman have something common

#7. The new Avatar movie looks nice

Idiot of the East

#8. Sleep paralysis haven’t fun though

#9. The ancient meme!

Idiot of the East

#10. Scientists vs programmers

Idiot of the East

#11. No wonder

Idiot of the East

#12. Why can’t it be in meters?

Idiot of the East

#13. Been single for so long

Idiot of the East

#14. How did he know that?

Idiot of the East

#15. Builder can’t fix anything

Idiot of the East

#16. Crossover

Idiot of the East

#17. Do you have any idea?

Idiot of the East

#18. Not bad at all

Idiot of the East

#19. Financial Situation

Idiot of the East

#20. One of the greatest fear of introvert

Idiot of the East
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