25 Times This Artist Turns Fimiliar Life Situations into Humourous Comic illustrations

The digital comic is not only a way to comment on current events or everyday social situations, but sometimes it also serves to relieve stress from different situations or things that we don’t like, be it for the cartoonist or the person reading. “Idiot of the east” features cool, fun, and simple content where the artist highlights many of the issues people face in his comics.

The artist name is “Jauneil Arvin Ma-ao”. He is a digital creator and a Filipino artist who makes humourous and relatable comics. He just trying to make his profession into an actual paying profession. The artist shared that when he was trying to figure out the name of his instagram account, he thought that if someone wanted to insult him, it would have no weight because it’s already in his name.

The artist says that it took 5 to 6 hours to complete a 4-panel comic. The artist also adds an anime art touch to his comics as we can see later. The main purpose of the artist is to turn familiar life situations into hilarious comic illustrations which are always amusable for his 16.7k true followers. Check out some of the beautiful illustrations of this artist in the gallery below.

Credit: idiot of the east

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