20 Times Artist Mesut Kaya Shows Bizarre Situations That Happen in Daily Life

We’re going to introduce you to an artist who makes use of her comics to try and turn people’s negative or depressing thoughts into joyful or nice ones in the hopes of making you laugh out loud. The artist’s good name is Mesut Kaya. In 2020, he started drawing comics. He’s been a comic book fan since he was a small child. He lives in Leuven, Belgium. On Instagram, he has 23,100 genuine followers.


He has an Instagram account named @IamMesutKaya, which is based on his handle. He’s got an ability for finding humor in awkward circumstances, and his comics frequently have readers laughing aloud. He draws himself as a main character in his comics, who is bald and has no hair. We’ve put together the finest collection of his comics in the following section. These comics should make you smile.

Credit: I Am Mesut Kaya

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#1. Rub Rub


#2. Pokémon Scientist


#3. Goals

#4. Buddy


#5. Close Call

#6. Stay Home


He claims to enjoy narrating stories. Telling them in four panels is going to be his biggest challenge. The primary character is a big-mustache, pointy-nosed, bald man. The character is mostly seen in all kinds of humorous, ridiculous, and occasionally embarrassing situations in life, from awkward encounters in a supermarket to unexpected street dance battles.

#7. Treasure Hunt

#8. Looking Good


#9. Books

#10. Fitness Buddy


#11. The Loop

#12. Stage Fright


#13. The Clone

#14. The Last Adaptation


Because he can make the most unpleasant situations funny, he has a loyal following of fans. His comics primarily feature himself as the main character, portraying embarrassing situations that we have all experienced. The goal of capturing these incidents is to allow individuals to find humor in their own awkward circumstances. By clicking here and here, you can also read some of his earlier posts on Bored Comics.

#15. The Cursed Trinity

#16. Silky Smooth


#17. Convenience Food

#18. Shark Attack


#19. Mushroom Racer

#20. Brother


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