20 Hilarious Zaya Toon Comics That Will Surely Make You Laugh

There will always be sad and unpleasant times in life. We have to cope with numerous issues every day, which might occasionally wear us out. An enjoyable break and a sincere smile right now will undoubtedly assist us in reducing our stress. Humans have to deal with an increasing number of issues each day, which occasionally exhausts us.

Iziah Faulkner, popularly known as Zayatoon, is a new digital artist from Canada who might be able to help you put your bad thoughts aside with some amusing and catchy comics. The illustrator produces clever images with recognizable characters like Mario, Sonic, Spider-Man, etc. The majority of Zayatoon’s comics center on pop cultural figures. The creator claims that his comic is intended to draw attention as well as serve as a means for humor. Let’s explore his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Zayatoon

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#1. Detention

#2. Humans

#3. Logic

#4. Bad Hair

#5. Imperial Soldiers

#6. Optimism

Iziah Faulkner is a self-taught artist who came to fame in the art world quite quickly. He grew up in Pakistan after being born in Afghanistan. This painter started out as a young child. Bold colors, elaborate patterns, and whimsical designs define his work. Zayatoon frequently uses his art to explore humorous subjects, and his works are frequently influenced by his own experiences and memories.

#7. Double

#8. Monopoly

#9. Remember

#10. Super Man

#11. Boss

#12. Congratulation

#13. Global Warming

A good feature of Iziah’s comics is that they’re easy to grasp. The man claims that all he wants is to make a foolish and amusing joke that will hopefully put a big grin on everyone’s face. You can look for humor that lets you escape unpleasant realities through his comics. More than 23,900 people are currently reading his comics. If not already, the Zayatoon cartoons mentioned below will win you over since they will make you chuckle when you are having a stressful day. You can also check out some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here.

#14. Breakfast

#15. Storage

#16. Challenge

#17. Town

#18. Who would win?

#19. Not a great time to be single

#20. Social Life

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