An Artist Perfectly Portrays His Hilarious Thoughts To Make People Laugh (20 Comics)

On Instagram, where each scroll brings forth a myriad of content, one artist stands out for bringing joy and laughter through the strokes of his paintbrush. Meet Iziah Faulkner, the creative mind behind the Instagram handle @zayatoon, a haven for those seeking a hearty laugh and a burst of artistic delight.


With a growing follower count of 24,100, @zayatoon has carved a unique niche for himself in the vast landscape of Instagram. What sets him apart? It’s his ability to seamlessly blend artistry and humor, creating a virtual gallery where every painting is a portal to a world of hilarity.

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Credit: Zayatoon

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#1. This game is so peaceful

#2. Sleeping


#3. Game Play

#4. Dumb Mistake


#6. Under a rock

Iziah’s journey into the world of art began like many others, with a passion for self-expression and a love for the unconventional. However, what makes him extraordinary is his distinctive approach—he doesn’t just paint; he tells stories with his art. Each piece is a narrative, a visual manifestation of his quirky thoughts and infectious sense of humor.

#7. Pop Quiz


#8. What makes you wonder?

#9. Error


#10. Excuse me

#11. Tell me everything


#12. Look at this

One cannot help but marvel at his ability to infuse life into his characters. Whether it’s a mischievous avocado or a penguin with a penchant for puns, @zayatoon’s characters have a charm that transcends the canvas. It’s as if they’re inviting the audience to join in on the laughter, making the experience interactive and immersive.

The comments section of his posts is a testament to the impact @zayatoon has on his audience. Followers express gratitude for the daily dose of laughter, with many sharing anecdotes of how his art brightened their day. In a world often marred by challenges and uncertainties, Iziah’s work serves as a ray of sunshine, a reminder that joy can be found in the most unexpected places.

#12. Talking Cat


#13. Gear

#14. Man


#15. Wish

#16. Song


Scrolling through his feed is like taking a joyous stroll through a carnival of colors and wit. A quick glance at his profile reveals a diverse range of subjects, from anthropomorphic animals engaged in absurd activities to inanimate objects donning personalities of their own. Iziah’s creations are a celebration of the absurdity that surrounds us and a reminder not to take life too seriously.

#17. Talk Spicy

#18. Adult Problems


#19. What to wear

#20. Alarm


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