20 Heropie Comics Based on Everyday Struggles to Which You Can Relate

You have seen many comics on the Internet. Some of them are based on dark humor, and some of them are based on relatable humor. Today we are here to bring you another good collection of relatable comics. We are sure you have not seen this artist’s comics before. Let us introduce you to Heropie Comics. It was created by a talented artist whose name is Ophelia Chiu. The artist chose to be anonymous as she does not share much information about herself.

This web comic follows the daily life of Ophelia, a young woman who’s trying to juggle her various responsibilities, such as being a responsible adult, managing relationships, and chasing her dreams. It’s a relatable and humorous take on everyday struggles, with plenty of wit and charm. By creating relatable comics on such topics, she is able to reach an audience of 8,527 Instagram followers. Let’s take a look at some of her best comics.

Credit: Heropie Comics

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#1. Best Name

#2. My sister and I like to go into detail when other people are around

#3. Hilarious

#4. Daily Routine

#5. Plant Lover

#6. Face Lock

Her comics follow the daily life of a young woman named Ophelia, who often struggles with feeling lost and directionless. She finds comfort and inspiration in drawing comics from her life, which gives her the strength and confidence she wishes she had. The comic explores subjects like self-discovery, finding purpose in life, and managing anxiety while striking a balance between humor and realistic concerns.

#7. Sun

#8. Organic

#9. Attack

#10. After Shower

#11. Good Night

#12. Heart Surgery

#13. Beautiful

#14. Not there

She usually creates four-panel comics, and her comics are always perfect enough to make her audience laugh. If you’re looking for a funny and heartwarming slice-of-life comic that explores themes of self-discovery and finding your own path, Heropie comics are definitely worth checking out. If you like the blog, don’t forget to leave a comment and share it.

#15. Real life goals achieved in one flight

No photo description available.

#16. Window Seat

#17. Toilet

#18. Painting

#19. Relatable

#20. Book Reading

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