20 Plamomdon Comics Beautifully Sums Up the Challenges of Parenthood

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Plamomdon is an Instagram account with the handle @Plamomdon, owned by Kristen Pinpin, a comic artist who shares family-related content and the wonders of parenthood. She is a comic artist and illustrator from Canada, well-known for her charming and realistic comics that frequently depict her own and her family’s experiences. With 33,100 Instagram followers, she currently has an impressive following.


The pleasures of parenting are beautifully depicted by Plamomdon Comics, along with the occasionally messy challenges. Her humor helps us see the positive side of parenting, even if it can be a tough job. Her exaggerated expressions and witty dialogue turn even the most frustrating moments into laugh-out-loud situations. The best of her comics are collected in the next section. If you want to enjoy them, keep scrolling.

Credit: Plamomdon

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#1. Last Night

image 2268

#2. So Proud

image 2269

#3. It’s your fault

image 2270

#4. So Dramatic

image 2271

#5. She’s paying dividends

image 2272

#6. Cherish

image 2273

Despite the challenges, Plamondon Comics also conveys the immense love and tenderness that comes with parenthood. By sharing her own experiences, she creates a sense of community among parents. Her comics normalize the ups and downs of parenthood, reminding us that we’re all in this together.

#7. Family

image 2274

#8. Vocabulary

image 2275

#9. Haircut

image 2276

#10. This is not right

image 2277

#11. Caught

image 2278

#12. Pooping

image 2279

#13. Cute

image 2280

#14. Not Bad

image 2281

#15. Bath Time

image 2283

Through the lens of Plamomdon, an Instagram account skillfully navigates the challenges of parenting, love, togetherness, and the wonders of parenthood. Plamomdon reminds us that small acts of love, care, and connection are genuinely surprises in and of themselves, capturing the essence of the remarkable moments that make up the daily lives of families. I hope you all enjoy her comics. Please click this link if you would like to enjoy more.

#16. Painful

image 2284

#17. Self Press

image 2285

#18. Spicy Food

image 2286

#19. Not Happy

image 2287

#20. Comfort

image 2288

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