Here are 20 Surreal and Dark Humor Comics by Jake Likes Onions

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The world of surreal and dark humor comics is a fascinating one, offering a unique blend of the bizarre, the unsettling, and the strangely hilarious. These comics often challenge our expectations and norms, making us question what we think we know about humor and storytelling. Similarly, we bring an artist to you who is an expert at capturing dark humor and surreal situations.


Jake Likes Onions is an internet comic artist who specializes in human dark humor. Jake Thompson created this webcomic series. The comics are well-known for their dark and strange humor, and they often involve weird and ludicrous circumstances, making them a favorite among fans of alternative comedy. The comic’s unique style and wit have earned it a devoted following of 366,000 Instagram followers, demonstrating how humor can be found in the most unexpected places. You can check out his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Jake Likes Onions

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#1. No

image 548

#2. I see where you’re coming from

image 549

#3. Perpetually broke

image 550

#4. Maybe he’s running from the truth

image 551

#5. Leaves are jerks

image 552

#6. The good old days

image 553

Jake Likes Onions has a straightforward yet emotive black-and-white art style. The comic’s themes are reflected in the darkness, yet the exaggerated features and expressive character designs add a layer of humor and emotional intensity. Despite the fact that he writes simple black-and-white comics, his comics are always quite popular with his audience.

#7. Life Plan

image 554

#8. Gary just wants to be liked

image 555

#9. Safety second

image 556

#10. Bee life

image 557

#11. Can’t do it sorry

image 558

#12. You betrayed me

image 559

His comics will not be for everyone. Some may find its dark humor and grim worldview overly optimistic. It does, however, resonate with people who appreciate its realistic portrayal of navigating modern life’s absurdities and the solace of finding humor in the darkness. If you appreciate dark humor and want to read more comics, check Here And Here.

#13. So romantic

image 560

#14. Dragon hierarchy

image 561

#15. Pretty sure that’s how it works

image 562

#16. Unlimited dead sticks

image 563

#17. Shit never gets old

image 564

#18. Dying Star

image 565

#19. It’s a metaphor

image 566

#20. The smell of a grill

image 567

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