20 Fossil Fools Comics About Ancient Dinosaurs in a Lighthearted Way

The majority of us believe that dinosaurs were enormous, deadly animals that ruled the planet millions of years before humanity. Most of us are relieved that we are not living in the same era as dinosaurs because of the terrifying image that movies, TV shows, and books create of them. However, some people, like illustrator Alexander Fridlin, also make an effort to improve this negative perception.

The creator of the webcomic series Fossil Fools Comics is him. The ancient history of dinosaurs is the subject of this webcomic series. Through his comics, he effectively demonstrates that dinosaurs are human-like animals that partake in similar behaviors and struggle with similar issues. He gained 6,713 followers on Instagram by making comics similar to this one. Let’s explore this artist’s best comics in the next section. You can also see his earlier posts on Boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Fossil Fools Comics

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#1. Trains are the best

#2. The answer is Yes

#3. What would you forget?

#4. Certified Expert

#5. Time Machine

#6. Freedom

His comics depict the daily lives of these dino couples, highlighting their beautiful relationships, silly moments, and charming, distinctive features. Fossil Fools makes light of romantic stereotypes and everyday occurrences with gentle humor and intelligent language. The comedy is consistently cheerful and good-natured, providing for a relaxed and enjoyable reading experience.

#7. When you laugh even though you did not get the joke

#8. The rat race

#9. That Spicy

#10. Jelly City

#11. Daily News

#12. Tasty

#13. Doctor

#14. Make Love

#15. Neighbours

His art style is straightforward yet expressive, with bright colors and appealing character designs. Despite the humor, Fossil Fools contains heartfelt moments that highlight love, friendship, and natural beauty. These beautiful moments remind us of the value of cherishing our relationships and appreciating life’s small pleasures. Fossil Fools is definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for cute and excellent dinosaur comics that are amusing, uplifting, and artistically appealing.

#16. Journey

#17. To do list

#18. Donuts

#19. Human Evolution

#20. Something Big

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