Cartoonist Draws 20 Absurd Comics Using Food Characters Weird Conservations

In the world of comics, where superheroes, animals, and fantasy creatures often take center stage, one artist has taken a refreshingly unconventional approach. NY Cartoonist, the creative mind behind “Fruit Gone Bad,” has transformed everyday fruits, vegetables, and other foods into characters with twisted personalities and dark humor. Through their series of comics, they offer a unique and alternative perspective on these edible protagonists, challenging the conventional notion of them being solely “good” for us.

Fruit Gone Bad is a series of comics created by New York cartoonist John King that features fruits, vegetables, and other foods as main characters. The comics depict these characters as having twisted personalities and engaging in humorous and slightly inappropriate conversations. The artist behind “Fruit Gone Bad” offers a unique and alternative perspective on fruits and vegetables, challenging the notion of them being solely “good” for us. The comics have gained a following on Instagram, with over 85,900 followers.

The illustrations are known for their dark humor and relatability, as they often mirror human conversations and interactions. Through their unique artistic vision, the artist behind “Fruit Gone Bad” has carved out a niche in the comic world. They have successfully challenged the traditional perceptions of fruits, vegetables, and other foods, offering a playful and alternative perspective that resonates with a growing fan base. Their comics provide an escape from the ordinary, offering a glimpse into a world where everything has its own quirks, secrets, and mischievous tendencies. So, the next time you take a bite into a juicy apple or a crunchy carrot, remember that there might just be a mischievous and slightly inappropriate conversation happening inside your produce drawer.

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Credit: Fruit Gone Bad

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#1. Knock knock

#2. Pimento montoya

#3. Soft spot

#4. Miss fortune strikes again

#5. Round four

#6. Office nut!

#7. Just dessert!

#8. Tom tomato

#9. Pickle balls

#10. The league of superfoods!

#11. Have a brew on me!

#12. Teas me

#13. Two scoops

#14. He’s very blunt

#15. Talking shit

#16. You are toast

#17. Soul searching

#18. Bigger Can

#19. Bright idea

#20. Juicy glass

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