20 Weird and Single-panel Comics By “Fruit Gone Bad” Make You Laugh

You’ve probably seen a number of comic books with ridiculous characters. But have you ever considered what might occur if food had life and the ability to communicate? Humanlike fruit and vegetable illustrations by Instagram artist John King have amassed a sizable fan base. His use of brilliant colors, fun designs, and quirky humor define his work. He transforms common fruits and vegetables into bizarre and unsettling characters to produce adorable and spooky artwork.

Fruit and vegetables with individual personalities are a popular subject in his paintings. His characters typically display human characteristics and are vibrant, peculiar, and full of personality. His work is creative and amusing, and he has a talent for finding humor in everyday objects. He gets his ideas from his surroundings and transforms them into charming and hilarious works. He creates amazing things out of everyday objects like fruit and vegetables. His art is evidence that even the most commonplace items can be transformed into something beautiful by the use of creativity and imagination.

His ability to give his illustrations of fruits and vegetables personality and emotion is one of the qualities that distinguishes his cartoons from others. These characters frequently display adorable facial expressions and body language, which elevates them from the status of simple inanimate objects to that of actual, sympathetic humans. The New York cartoonist’s 83,800 Instagram followers are major fans of his puns and sense of humor. The next section contains a selection of his finest illustrations. You may read his earlier posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Fruit Gone Bad

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#1. Happy New Year

#2. Friday night lights

#3. Down in flames


#4. The Flasher

#5. Balls!

#6. Ginger bread head


#7. Banana Peeled!

#8. Fork it!


#9. Who or what came first?


#10. What a gherk!

#11. Mug-shot

#12. Frito-laid


#13. Donut Hole

#14. Trick or beat

#15. Bone Daddy


#16. Peaches and Scream!

#17. Cream Covered

#18. Waxing


#19. Nice hat dude!

#20. You gotta think big


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