Here are the 20 Funny and Twisted Comics about Different Cute Food Characters

You have probably seen a lot of comics based on absurd characters in your life. But have you ever thought about what might happen if food had life and could speak? Meet John King, a cartoonist who creates comics on subjects like whether or not food can speak. The 84,700 Instagram followers of the New York cartoonist are huge fans of his jokes and sense of humor.

Fruits and vegetables in this artist’s alternate comic universe have become “bad” and a touch warped. Fruits and vegetables are the main characters in the amusing webcomic series “Fruit Gone Bad,” but you’ll also meet bread, almonds, pizza, other foods, and even inanimate objects as they go about their everyday lives and get involved in relationships and social interactions.

The artist claims, “When I was younger, I enjoyed drawing comic books.” His favorite genres to create were Dungeons & Dragons, hilarious, and action comics. Some of the jokes will make you chuckle or feel awkward due to how inappropriate they are, while others may cause you to ruin your favorite food. The following section includes some of his best comics. Have a wonderful time!

Credit: Fruit gone bad

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