20 Times a Female Artist Shows Her Everyday Life With Her Pig

Franci and Francis is an Instagram account featuring a girl and her pet pig. Franci is the name of the artist herself, and Francis is the name of her pet. She is a seventeen-year-old girl who started making comics a few years ago. She describes herself as a female character who loves to eat but wants to be skinny. The artist captures herself as the main character in her comics and shares her everyday experiences in a funny way.

You may have seen many comic artists or people who love to pet cats or dogs. But this female artist has a different love for animals. She has a pig in her house, and she does silly things with her pet, which she shows to the audience through her fabolous content. We have collected some of her best comics for you to make your day better. If you want to enjoy them, then keep scrolling through the gallery below.

Credit: Franci and Francis

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#1. Another Diet

#2. Tastes

#3. New Dress


#4. Sniff

#5. Cheat

#6. Foodie


The artist says she has lived with her pet pig for many years. But she did not think to create comics about herself. But her love for animals and fantastic drawing skills motivate her to sketch her daily experiences. So with hesitation and no confidence, she starts making comics and shares them on her Instagram account.

#7. Photo Time

#8. Weight

#9. Bath Time


#10. Small Garden

#11. Race

#12. Hide and Seek


#13. Airplane

After getting positive comments, she kept creating comics for a few years. After that, she realizes that she is not gaining an audience on her Instagram account. Which makes her stop creating comics. That’s why she does not have so many followers on her Instagram account. But from her earlier comics, we bring them for you. Hopefully, you people like her comics. For more such content, regularly visit our website.

#14. Cookie Lover

#15. Sunscreen


#16. Fat Roll

#17. Alone at Last

#18. Snout Job


#19. Heaven

#20. Spinning Class

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