20 Humorous and often Surreal illustrations of Animals and Nature


Nature never ceases to amaze us with its intricate and fascinating adaptations. One such intriguing phenomenon is the existence of “False Knees” in various animal species. These clever adaptations serve multiple purposes and provide an insight into the diverse strategies that creatures employ for survival. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of false knees, their functions, and some remarkable examples found in the animal kingdom. The comic explores various themes, including nature, existential musings, and the quirky behaviors of wildlife.

False Knees is a webcomic created by Joshua Barkman. The comic features humorous and often surreal illustrations of animals and nature. Joshua Barkman is a Canadian cartoonist known for his unique and whimsical style. False Knees can be enjoyed on the official website, falseknees.com. Additionally, False Knees has a presence on Instagram, where Joshua Barkman shares his comic strips and artwork. The use of soft colors and delicate lines gives the comic a warm and inviting feel.

Joshua Barkman’s keen observation of wildlife is evident in each comic, as he often personifies animals and imbues them with human-like qualities, leading to hilarious and relatable scenarios. The witty dialogue and clever captions add an extra layer of humor and depth to the already delightful visuals. False Knees has garnered a dedicated following of 732,000 due to its originality, charm, and insightful commentary on life, nature, and the human condition. The webcomic’s ability to find humor and wisdom in the simplicity of everyday interactions between animals has made it a beloved and entertaining webcomic for readers of all ages. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

Credit: False Knees

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#1. Rain


#2. Lake side

#3. Hungry


#4. Big deal

#5. Patterns


#6. Seed

#7. Best friends


#8. New design

#9. Counting


#10. Process

#11. Thought


#12. Jump in

#13. What are you upto?


#14. Problems

#15. Song


#16. Lucky bird

#17. Let’s go


#18. Burn

#19. Feel


#20. Tree class

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