This Cartoonist Makes 20 Dark and Surreal Comics Featuring Strange Creatures 

Comics can have positive effects on both mental and emotional health, making them a valuable medium for promoting well-being. Reading comics can serve as a form of relaxation and stress relief, allowing individuals to escape from daily pressures and immerse themselves in imaginative worlds. The visual nature of comics engages different parts of the brain, enhancing cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and creativity. Additionally, the humor and storytelling in comics can trigger laughter, releasing endorphins and improving mood.

Jdrift01 is an Instagram user who goes by the name The Cannibal Orange. He has over 15,500 followers on Instagram and shares his artwork on the platform. His artwork is often dark and surreal, featuring strange creatures and distorted figures. They have 174 posts. Their posts are mostly abstract paintings with bright colors and strange shapes. They often use the hashtag #cannibalorange to label their posts. It is unclear who Jdrift01 is or where they are from. Their bio simply says “The Cannibal Orange”.

Cartoonist Jdrift01 has gained recognition for their unique and captivating style, creating dark and surreal comics that showcase strange creatures and bizarre worlds. Through their artistic vision, Jdrift01 delves into the depths of imagination, crafting stories that challenge conventional norms and tap into the mysterious aspects of the human psyche. Their ability to blend darkness and surrealism creates an intriguing visual experience that draws readers into a realm of fantasy and introspection. With a talent for exploring the unknown and pushing creative boundaries, Jdrift01’s comics leave a lasting impression, captivating audiences with their extraordinary and enigmatic storytelling.

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Credit: Jdrift01

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#1. Genie of the lamp

#2. First Date

#3. Entrepreneur

#4. Unhappy Hour

#5. Cannibal Restaurant

#6. An Awkward Gift

#7. Rescue at Sea

#8. Ghost Dad

#9. Body guard

#10. Mermaid Legs

#11. Boss Battle

#12. Sensual Security

#13. Prince

#14. Alien Abduction

#15. Dragon Egg

#16. Save the Whales

#17. Monster in the closet

#18. Acorn Gathering

#19. The Scorpion and the Frog

#20. Rebuilding

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