20 Dark Humor Comics Full of Absurd Situations To make Your Day Better

Have you ever stumbled upon a webcomic series that feels like a burst of joy in your day? Well, welcome to the world of Extra Fabulous Comics! Created by the talented artist known as Zach Stafford, this webcomic universe is a treasure trove of humor, wit, and a whole lot of relatability.

What sets these comics apart is their knack for turning everyday moments into rib-tickling adventures. Stafford’s style isn’t just about bold lines and vibrant colors; it’s about taking the mundane and spinning it into something unexpectedly hilarious. Whether it’s a chat with pals or a quirky office situation, his comics take the ordinary and give it a fabulous, comedic twist.

But it’s not all about belly laughs. Stafford fearlessly dives into the deep end, tackling weighty topics like politics and social issues. What’s impressive is how he navigates these tricky waters, infusing humor into subjects that often seem too serious. From addressing racism and sexism to diving into personal stories that resonate, his work isn’t just entertaining; it’s a conversation starter.

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#1. Ghost

#2. He did it

#3. Got any milk

#4. Pervert

#5. Vasectomy

What’s even more admirable is Stafford’s courage in addressing controversial topics head-on. He fearlessly wades into the waters of social justice, using his platform to amplify voices and bring attention to crucial issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia. And he does it all with a finesse that’s as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

#6. Statement

#7. Pants

#8. Veggies

#9. What’s this?

#10. Truly Scary

With over 684,000 Instagram followers eagerly awaiting his next post, Stafford has become a beacon of inclusivity and diversity in the world of comics. His books, like “Extra Fabulous: A Little Comic About a Big, Gay, Black, Muslim, First-Generation Kid,” delve into his own rich experiences, showcasing the beauty of a complex and diverse world.

#11. Do you like me?

#12. Climate Change

#13. Opposite Day

#14. First Day

#15. Butt Holes

#16. Strong Opinions

#17. Hacker

In a world where art is a powerful tool for change, Stafford’s work stands as a testament to the impact of creative expression. It’s not just about making people laugh; it’s about fostering conversations, raising awareness, and creating a more inclusive world through art. So, join the legion of fans who revel in the extraordinary world of Extra Fabulous Comics. Let’s dive into some of his best illustrations that capture the essence of his unique style and storytelling brilliance!

#18. Crunch

#19. Aliens

#20. Get Down

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