25 Dark Comics that People with a dark Sense of Humor will Get

Funny comics with unexpected dark twists, a fair dose of societal critique, pointing out foolishness, and pondering life’s major concerns. If you have a filthy mind and a dark soul, dark comics are probably your thing. Dark comics aren’t truly suitable for children because they lack humor and other fascinating qualities. We also have a brand-new selection of dark comics for individuals with a dark sense of humor.

The creator of “Extrafabulous Comics” is ZMS, also known as Zach. With almost 300 comic posts on his Instagram account, Zach clearly enjoys creating them, as you can undoubtedly see. Not only that, but Zach also incorporates some of his incredibly crazy and absurdly humorous thoughts into his comics. People have noted that some of his comics’ and art’s most notable characteristics are the unexpected plot twists. He has 692,000 Instagram followers.

According to the artist, he enjoys breaking things down and deconstructing topics until they are unrecognizable. He began drawing these comics in 2011, and he’s still going strong. Since his earliest steps as a professional comic artist, he’s built a sizable internet fan base, and he even has his own subreddit dedicated to his cartoons. We’ve gathered some of Zach’s most recent comics to make you laugh, so scroll down and enjoy.

Credit: Extrafabulous Comics

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