20 Edds World Comics Based on Dark Humor and Surprising Jokes


Life is always full of struggles and challenges. The best way to handle these challenges is to spend some time for yourself to feel relaxed. For this, comics are the best way. Let me introduce Eddsworld, which was created by the late Edd Gould. This is a popular web comic and animated series known for its dark humor, hilarious comedy, and relatable characters.

It is an animated series created by Edd Gould (1988–2012). It follows the misadventures of three buddies, which are EddMatt, and Tom. He has huge following of 69,000 fans on his Facebook page. You can find their videos on YouTube and New grounds, as well as their comic strips, in the following section. His comics are full of witty dialogue, puns, and clever observations about everyday life. We guarantee they will make you laugh.

Credit: Edds World Comics

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#1. Ninja Pun


#2. Introductions

#3. Hot Bath


#4. Heart rob

#5. Shoe horn


#6. Screw Balls

The characters from Eddsworld are very relatable, despite being expressive figures. There are four characters, which are mostly used in his comics. Edd is the smart and imaginative boss. Tom is the rude, lazy loser. Tord is the aggressive and crazy neighbor, and Matt is the dimwitted but lovable dreamer. They all humorously and excessively depict different aspects of human nature.

#7. Catch


#8. happy new year

#9. Christmas


#10. Adventures

#11. Competition


#12. Blood Ritual

#13. Check


#14. stand up

#15. Fighting


Despite the tragic passing of Edd Gould in 2012, Eddsworld continues to be cherished by fans worldwide. While primarily focused on humor, Eddsworld comics can also be surprisingly touching and emotional. The characters deal with real-life issues like friendship, loss, and self-doubt, adding depth and relatability to his comics. If you find his comics interesting, you must share this blog. Have a great time.

#16. Stretch

#17. Skeletons


#18. Edd bot

#19. Jelly


#20. Rest

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