20 Don’t Hit Save Comics Shows Relatable and Frustrating Tech Experiences

Humor can help us reframe challenging situations and find the lighter side, making them easier to manage. Studies suggest that laughter boosts the mood system and makes us forget about worries for some time. For humor, comics are the best way. For comics, there are many artists among the social media platforms. One of them we will discuss now. So that you will forget about your struggles and enter a world of hilarious comics.


Let me introduce a web comic named Don’t Hit Save based on hilarious tech experiences. It was created many years ago by talented artist Jeff Lofvers. He is a software developer and a self-described indie game guy. His comics focus on themes related to tech, the workplace, and indie game development. He has 16,000 facebook followers. If you ever work as a tech guy, you will relate to his comics. Keep scrolling if you want to enjoy his best comics.

Credit: Don’t Hit Save

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#1. Vision pro


#2.  It Feels Like A Year


#3. Valuable

#4. Gifted Game


#5. Texting

#6. Twitter


His comics often revolve around relatable and sometimes frustrating tech experiences. The artist is an expert at capturing honest and sometimes self-deprecating portrayals of the creative process and the challenges of being an indie developer. He uses a simple and expressive art style with a colorful theme. That’s why his comics are so popular among his audience.

#7. Water Bottle

#8. View


#9. Traits

#10. Celebrate


#11. job offer

#12. the future of AI


#13. Indecisive

#14. fantasy business


#15. stepping up

The comic’s title parodies the natural tendency to put off tasks or make poor decisions under pressure by making light of the common save function in software development. Even for non-Technical, the humor is often likable and approachable, despite the theme’s major tech focus. The author updates his comics regularly on his personal website. For more such comics, visit our website regularly.

#16. Invite


#17. Personality Interview

#18. Classified


#19. A fantasy Game

#20. Opportunities


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