20 Dust Interactive Comics based on Hilarious Twists and surprising endings

Dustin Rogers is an Instagram artist who has gained a following of over 290,000 people for his comics full of surprising endings. As a means of expressing his creativity, the artist known by the name Dust Interactive started this webcomic in 2016. He started sharing comics on Instagram after realizing quickly that fans like comics based on hilarious situations. His primary goal is to make readers smile with his amazing comics.

He is an interactive designer who creates hilarious and often absurd webcomics that incorporate reader interaction. His work has been praised by fans for its twists and surprising endings. His comics are hosted on the Webtoon platform, where they’ve amassed a dedicated following. If you want to enjoy his best comics, the wait is over because there is a great collection of his comics in the following section.

Credit: Dustinteractive

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#1. turn around

#2. Tend to forget

#3. painting

#4. just drive

#5. maternity leave

#6. someone at work

He creates really engaging comics about bizarre incidents that seem very unlikely to happen in real life. This thing adds a layer of fun and engagement to the comics, making them more than just something to not only read but also enjoy. That’s how he makes his fans happy. This is the thing that makes him so popular in the world of web comics.

#7. writing an email

#8. reading book

#9. no one knows

#10. professional

#11. date

#12. don’t worry

#13. everything was sticky

#14. it’s a secret

#15. Entrepreneur

#16. lunch money

His comics are full of clever words and hilarious comedy, and he has a talent for discovering funny things in everyday situations. In addition to being humorous and realistic, his characters are easily recognizable to readers. If you’re looking for a fun and unique reading experience, I highly recommend checking out more Dust Interactive Comics on our website by simply clicking here and here.

#17. hilarious

#18. Really hurt

#19. good news

#20. new album

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