20 Comics about Disappointing Experiences That are Done in a Humorous Way

Navigating through life often involves encountering a fair share of disappointments, but what if these letdowns were presented with a comedic twist? Picture this: the absurdity of getting all dressed up for an event only to find out it’s canceled becomes a hilarious tale of over-the-top fashion in an anticlimactic setting. The charm lies in the ability to turn disappointment into amusement, transforming moments that could easily dampen spirits into anecdotes that leave us chuckling.


Life, as they say, is full of surprises. Sometimes, those surprises are wrapped in the shiny paper of disappointment. However, what if we could unwrap these letdowns and find the humor hidden within? Meet the master of turning disappointment into laughter, because sometimes it’s the only way to survive with sanity intact.

Credit: Disappointing.bydesign

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#1. Sunglasses

#2. Alien


#3. Whatever you want

#4. Sea Lion


#5. Make it

Meet @disappointing.bydesign, the brainchild of comedic geniuses who manage to find humor in life’s letdowns. With over 2,300 followers eagerly awaiting their dose of disappointment, this Instagram account has become a sanctuary for those seeking a chuckle even in the face of unmet expectations. Every Monday and Friday, followers are treated to a new comic strip that encapsulates the essence of life’s disappointments, all while tickling the funny bone.

#6. Classic Monsters


#7. Something Alive

#8. Majestic Elephant Painting


#9. Friends

#10. Fireworks


#11. Unarmed

The charm of these comics lies in their simplicity; each frame is a snapshot of the universal experience of disappointment, painted in vibrant colors and infused with a healthy dose of wit. The relatability of the content creates a sense of camaraderie among followers, fostering a community bonded by the shared joy of finding humor in life’s curveballs.

#12. Planet of the Apes in real life


#13. Does anyone else hate fancy Mac n cheese?

#14. Wars


#15. Hobbies

#16. This is Mantis


As the follower count continues to climb, it’s evident that @disappointing.bydesign has struck a chord with a growing audience. The account is not just a collection of comics; it’s a celebration of resilience and a reminder that even in the face of letdowns, there’s always room for laughter. So, the next time life hands you lemons, head over to @disappointing.bydesign for a dose of humor that will turn those lemons into lemonade. After all, disappointment is inevitable, but finding the humor in it? Now, that’s an art form mastered by the creators behind this delightful Instagram account.

#17. Combination

#18. What’s going on?


#19. Happy Easter

#20. Being a Pet


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