20 Dark Humor Comics Full of Twists and Surprises by Deliberately Buried

Delivery and timing are key in dark humor. We can see that those artists become only popular with those who are perfect at it. One of them is Sean Berthiaume. Now you started thinking that you had never heard about him before because he was not well known by his original name. He becomes famous for his comic series with the username Deliberately Buried Comics.

He lives in Brooklyn and draws comic strips. The artist has had a very long career in this field. He is an artist known for his dark humor and surprising turns. The artist is active on Facebook and Instagram, among other social media sites. He currently has a significant fan base of 97,800 committed Instagram followers. His comics are famous for unpredictable punchlines and keeping you guessing until the very last panel.

Credit: Deliberately Buried

For More Information: Instagram | Facebook

You can find his best comics on our website. A few of them are published in the below section. While most of them were early published on Bored Comics, All you have to do is simply click on these links: Here And Here.

#1. Can’t decide where to eat

#2. Come Back

#3. What are you doing?


The artist has a talent for turning ordinary occurrences into bizarre and amusing moments. His humor is usually delivered in a great style that makes you laugh out loud, even though it sometimes seems dark and even disturbing. Sometimes the structure of his comics appears traditional at first, but then they quickly become weird and depressing because of his perfect timing and jokes.

#4. Require a new advisor

#5. How’s Your Life?

#6. Good Bye Old TV


#7. Forget This Device

#8. Look So Stupid

He mentions on his social media profiles that if you enjoy jokes that are a little twisted and play with the unexpected, then you have come to the right place. If we talk about what makes his comics different from those of other artists, then the endings are what really set Deliberately Buried Comics apart. You will never quite guess where the story is going.

#9. Miracle of science


#10. Don’t make me do it

#11. Game Boy

#12. Get Away


#13. We must destroy them

If you are looking for some laughs that are a little out of the ordinary, Deliberately Buried Comics is definitely worth checking out. Just be aware that, due to the dark humor, the content might not be suitable for everyone. But there is no need to worry. We have posted his comics after filtering them out. Feel free to enjoy his comics, and keep supporting us by sharing our content with your loved ones.

#14. Funniest Dog Compilation

#15. Date Tonight


#16. Don’t Say That

#17. Is that your spit?

#18. What did you do now?


#19. Bearded Stranger

#20. Trust Me

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