Here are 20 Silly Comics by “Deliberately Buried” for Dark Humor Lovers

Today we are here to bring you an artist whose good name is Sean. He is also known as @deliberatelyburied on Instagram. He is an artist who creates silly, dark comics that will leave you both chuckling and feeling a bit disturbed. His Instagram account has amassed a following of over 98,200, all eagerly awaiting his next hilariously macabre creation. His comics are always worth watching. 


Sean’s art style is a unique mix of cute and creepy. Their characters often have large heads and exaggerated facial features, which makes them instantly recognizable. However, the content of Sean’s comics is anything but cute. Their comics often explore dark themes such as death, loneliness, and mental health. His comics are often silly and absurd, yet they still manage to touch on serious issues. Sean’s comics are a reminder that sometimes the best way to deal with difficult emotions is through laughter.

Sean’s art style is simple but effective. His characters are drawn with exaggerated features and expressions, giving them a cartoonish quality that fits perfectly with the tone of his comics. His use of shading and bold lines adds depth to his illustrations, creating a sense of depth that draws the viewer in. Sean’s success as an artist is a testament to the power of humor and satire in art. His ability to tackle serious subjects with wit and levity has earned him a dedicated following and a place among some of the most exciting artists working today. If you’re looking for a laugh with a bit of a dark twist, there is a collection of dark comics for you in the next section.

You can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Deliberately Buried Comics

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#1. The othe guy!

#2. Average sized


#3. Hats

#4. Are we thor yeti?


#5. Dogs for arms

#6. Best Fries


#7. Sighclops

#8. Cholesterol


#9. It never ends

#10. Will they grow back?


#11. A tale of two seaties

#12. Non-stick pan


#13. Major tomcat

#14. Side piece


#15. Hills



#17. Moves

#18. Space pants


#19. The little things

#20. High speed chase


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