20 Decent Guy Humor Comics Shows Surprising Situations to Make You Laugh

You’re in the right place if you want humor based around unexpected events because we’ve brought you another collection of dark comics from Instagram Decent Guy Humor. He is a cartoonist from South Africa who now makes his home in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. The creator is well-known for his wide collection of funny drawings and comics, which include surprising situations. His comics are always based on a four-panel format.


He began drawing comics as a hobby, and after getting a good response from people, he started professionally. His artistic journey began almost four years ago, and his comics are characterized by a dark sense of humor. After showing his friends his comics, his friend advised him to post them online. Despite thinking it was a dumb idea, he posted a few times to see what the public thought. He continued because, as it turned out, people enjoyed his comics.

Credit: Decent Guy Humor

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#1. Living with parents


#2. Tattoos


#3. Cloudy Day

#4. Speech


#5. Big Business

To put it simply, he started drawing comics as a kind of depression therapy. His comics mostly focus on dark humor with a strange mood. He says, If he thinks it’s funny, he’s pretty sure at least one other person will laugh, and that’s a victory, in reference to his comics. His main goal is to make people happy with his fantastic comics. And he does so without failure.

#6. Turn in your gun and badge


#7. Ugly

#8. The drive home


#9. Grocery List

#10. Job


#11. Workaholic

#12. Childhood Dreams


#13. Solicitors

He uses humor in everyday relationship situations. The artist has the perfect ability to depict these situations in a funny and relatable way. He mostly responds to comments, answers questions, and runs polls to get feedback and build a community. If you find his comics interesting, then don’t forget to comment about your favorite one. Have a great time.

#14. mario


#15. Instagram influencer

#16. Job Interview Questions


#17. Let’s Split it up

#18. First gift


#19. Goes to funeral

#20. Meta comic Story


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