20 Hilarious Comics by Death & the Maiden about a Girl in Her AfterLife

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Since artists and authors have been exploring the numerous scenarios and interpretations of what happens to us after we die, comics about the afterlife have grown in popularity. While some comics depict the afterlife as a calm and serene location, others take a funnier or even more sinister tack. One popular example of an afterlife comic is Jorgen Ven Santen’s webcomic series “Death & the Maiden.” These comics explore what occurs after we pass away.


The adventures of a young woman navigating a peculiar and fantastical afterlife are the subject of this webcomic story. The comic depicts the afterlife in an original and entertaining way by fusing humor and visual narrative. The comic is a delight to read and tracks a girl’s adventures in the afterlife, thanks to Santen’s distinct sense of humor and endearing artistic vision. A young woman’s afterlife and the mishaps she runs into there are the subjectsof hilarious comics in the series. 66,600 people are presently following him on Instagram.

His comics feature a dead girl who was hit by a bus while being on the phone, Death itself, and all of the funny yet a little morbid adventures the two find themselves in. Santen’s protagonist, the Maiden, is not afraid to poke fun at the strange and surreal world she finds herself in, and her interactions with the other inhabitants of the afterlife are always entertaining. While the comic is primarily a comedy, there are moments of genuine emotion and pathos scattered throughout. We have compiled his best 20 illustrations in the next section. If you want to enjoy these comics, then scroll down to the section below. Have a great day!

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Credit: Death & the Maiden

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#1. Don’t you hate it when this happens?

image 191

#2. Inspired by trip to Italy last time

image 192

#3. Christmas tree (Part 1)

image 193

#4. Christmas tree (part 2)

image 194

#5. Christmas tree (part 3)

image 196

#6. Christmas tree (part 4)

image 197

#7. My spirit animal

#8. Do you have days like this?


#9. Do you also have a friend like this?

#10. Sun screen

#11. Ashley’s back


#12. The real tragedy of the swan song

#13. Beacuse, they are super horny

#14. Important information!


#15. Karma

#16. Who knew clyde was such a party pooper

#17. Awesome near-death experience!


#18. Just for the record

#19. This place is like a gaint toilet!

#20. Not so stupid, eh?

image 211

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