20 Danby Draws Comics Full of Absurd Situations and Clever Punchlines


Step into a world where the colors pop and the lines dance with playful stories; enter the enchanting realm of Daniel Murrell, a creative genius whose imagination knows no bounds. Murrell’s canvas is a playground of vibrant hues and bold strokes, where characters come alive to tickle your fancy and spark wonder in your soul.

At the heart of Murrell’s artistic tapestry lies the endearing Danby Draws, a pint-sized protagonist traversing a universe teeming with oddities and curiosities. A land where wild adventures are the norm, where peculiar creatures roam freely, and where the only rule is boundless imagination.

Murrell’s artistic journey began like any other—a spark of inspiration that ignited a passion. His artistic odyssey took flight with humble beginnings, fueled by a relentless drive to create. His art draws from the everyday wonders of nature and the eclectic tapestry of pop culture, blending them into a unique symphony that captivates audiences far and wide.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of His Recent Comics. You Can Also Read Some Of His Previous Posts On Boredcomics By Clicking Here, HereHere, And Here.

Credit: Danby Draws

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#1. And Trigger Too


#2. Cartoon Christmas

#3. BiggoMart


#4. Fry of the Year

#5. Naughty Bits


But what sets Murrell apart isn’t just his artistic finesse—it’s his commitment to giving back. With a following that has swelled to 17,600 on social media, Murrell’s platform isn’t just about sharing art; it’s a stage for spreading joy and positivity. Through Danby’s escapades, Murrell weaves threads of laughter and whimsy, painting smiles on faces and touching hearts.

#6. The Eyes Have It

#7. Invest Your Soul


#8. The Simulations

#9. Last Request


#10. Climate Change

Ever wondered where these delightful ideas stem from? Murrell’s creative process is a symphony of imagination and dedication. Ideas spark like shooting stars, sometimes emerging from a walk in nature, and other times inspired by the quirks of daily life. But the magic truly unfolds in Murrell’s sanctuary—a haven of sketches and scribbles where concepts take form and evolve into the charming tales we adore.

#11. Downside Up


#12. High Stakes Low Snakes

#13. Christmas


#14. Same Bat Christmas

#15. Happy Holidays


#16. Temperature Ratings

Despite the adoration and fervor surrounding his work, Murrell remains grounded, a beacon of humility and focus. He generously offers glimpses behind the curtain, inviting fans into his world of creation. Through Instagram, he shares snippets of his artistic metamorphosis, illuminating the toil and dedication embedded in every stroke and storyline.

#17. Tiers For Fears


#18. New House

#19. Recap What You Sow


#20. Sneaky Bandit Team

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