20 Cyanide and Happiness Comics Full of Dark Humor and Clever Punchlines

The popular webcomic Cyanide & Happiness may be found on Explosm.net, and Explosmofficial frequently serves as their social media account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Created by Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, and Rob DenBleyker, ExplosmOfficial. It is also known as Cyanide & Happiness. It is a sensation on the internet known for its webcomics, animated shorts, and funny content that challenges traditional ideas of humor.

Cyanide & Happiness is known for its dark humor, often touching on controversial topics in a satirical and sometimes offensive way. Their comics feature stick figures in various scenarios, ranging from the absurd to the relatable, always with a healthy dose of dark comedy. He has garnered a dedicated following of 1.9 million Instagram followers. Let’s take a look at some of their best comics.

Credit: Explosm Official

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#1. It’s better for everyone

#2. Mom will be so proud

#3. It doubles as a dating service

#4. She got that big strap energy

#5. Embarrassing

#6. Gift

The main focus of C&H comics is dark, with a hint of offensiveness. They now have millions of admirers worldwide and are successful on all social media platforms. There is a backstory to the names Cyanide and Happiness. It is based on a comic strip where a character sells cotton candy that is both happy and cyanide-based. Fans of the artist should laugh out loud at some of the insensitive and unlawful jokes in their illustrations.

#7. Christmas Past

#8. Naughty

#9. The pop quiz was awkward

#10. This will only take a second

#11. Baby

#12. Positive

#13. Be careful what you wish for

Since these cartoons typically deal with violence and other taboo issues, they are not appropriate for those who are easily offended. On rare occasions, they can also be insightful, funny, and tragic. Explosmofficial is worth checking out if dark comedy and ridiculous circumstances are your thing. But be aware of the content’s possible offensiveness. You can also delve into his previous content on Boredcomics by simply clicking on these links: herehere and here.

#14. Memory

#15. This wasn’t what we had in mind

#16. Ghosts

#17. Hair Dryer

#18. We’ve all been there

#19. Useless

#20. Seriously though

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