20 Hilarious Comics That Feature Ice Cube Who Melts in Various Situations




Peng Ven Wong is an Instagram artist who creates funny and relatable comics about the life of an ice cube. Cube Melt’s comics are simple but effective. They often feature a single panel with a single joke, but they always manage to make me laugh. Cube Melt has a knack for capturing the everyday absurdities of life, and he does it in a way that is both funny and heartwarming. The relatable nature of the character, combined with the artist’s talent for storytelling and humor, has created a devoted fanbase.

What sets Cube Melt apart is their signature character, an ice cube that finds itself in all sorts of situations. But there’s a twist—this ice cube has a tendency to melt, adding a humorous and unexpected element to the comics. The artist’s comics often revolve around everyday scenarios and relatable experiences. Cube Melt, the adorable anthropomorphic ice cube, is portrayed as an optimistic and slightly mischievous character.

Cube Melt’s adventures range from the mundane to the extraordinary. Whether it’s trying to survive a hot summer day, facing the challenges of a crowded subway, or even finding itself in the middle of a desert, the ice cube’s journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Each comic panel captures the essence of the melting process, with Cube Melt gradually losing its form and expressing a mix of surprise, panic, and sometimes resignation. The melting ice cube often finds itself in hilarious predicaments, leading to comedic relief and lightheartedness. Whether it’s slipping and sliding across a kitchen counter, the comedic timing and visual gags never fail to bring a smile to the 255,000 audience members faces.

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Credit: Cube Melt

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#1. Work life balance

#2. Don’t chew an ice

#3. It’s summertime

#4. Correct way to eat cake

#5. What work feels like

#6. Hot season

#7. What happens next?

#8. Light

#9. Being a kid

#10. Squeeze life by the lemons

#11. We don’t always live to see the impact we have on others

#12. Still loading

#13. Warmest heart

#14. Racing

#15. Ice cream

#16. Working in a team

#17. Use your ass-ets to benefit others

#18. Job time

#19. Blood test

#20. Father’s day

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