20 Times This Artist Beautifully Depicts the life on an ice cube in a Funny way

An ice cube with a good attitude appears in a series of comics by artist “Peng Ven Wong”. You might be wondering how I came up with this sweet notion. The response, though, might not be exactly what you anticipate. It was during this period of self-doubt and worry about the future that the idea for his comic series, Cubemelt, first emerged. They compared the sensation of their opportunities and lives slipping away to the melting of ice cubes in a soda.

Though he was feeling gloomy, he made the decision that CubeMelt should be a living ice cube with a can-do attitude in everything he does. He wanted to make the world a better place in a fun way, which makes him happy as he creates the adorable comics. Additionally, it is how he interprets his surroundings and his own life. By creating comics on such topics, he nearly has an audience of 268,000 on his Instagram account.

The Cubemelt comic strip’s motto is “Life is Brief.” It prompts us to consider how we are utilizing each day of our existence. He gets inspiration from popular culture, current events, and, most significantly, his wife and infant daughter. Through the experiences of an ice cube depicted in adorable illustrations, he hopes to offer some perspective on life. In the part after this, let’s look at some of his humorous illustrations.

Credit: Cubemelt

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