20 Comiclicious Comics Show Relatable Situations Inspired by Everyday Life

Comiclicious is an Instagram account that is famous for its relatable comics. It was created by an artist named Liv, who is based in Belgrade. She is an artist whose comics focus on humor and relatable situations inspired by everyday life, sometimes with a touch of anxiety for laughs. Her daily experiences, the difficulties she faces, and the random thoughts that cross her mind become her sources of inspiration.


The artist lives with her family, and they are all very cooperative. She claims that having funny friends and family is a blessing. They laugh around a lot when they talk, which sometimes provides her with ideas for drawings. She is able to access 15,600 followers on Instagram by doing this. A selection of her best comics can be found in the section that follows. If you want to read her comics, scroll to the section below.

Credit: Comiclicious

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#1. Stressed


#2. Don’t be afraid


#3. Crack

#4. Guide


#5. Mommy

#6. Intolerant


She started drawing at a young age and naturally gravitated towards creating stories through visuals. Liv was a big fan of comics herself and wanted to create her own comics by making herself mostly a character. Despite her choice of physical chemistry over art school, she always found comfort in drawing as a method to make her friends laugh and to improve the joy of bonding over books.

#7. More

#8. Fresh Cut


#9. So much Stuff

#10. Comfort zone


#11. Vegan

#12. Intrusive thought


#13. Dream

#14. Helmet


She draws inspiration from the ordinary, transforming common experiences and even anxieties into witty comics. Liv captures these moments perfectly because she wants to make us laugh while feeling a sense of connection. She says this is her main goal in making comics. Kindly don’t forget to forward her blog to others if you enjoy her comics. To see more of these kinds of comics, click here and here.

#15. Heart break

#16. Never


#17. Sword

#18. Aliens


#19. Terrible

#20. Picture


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