This Artist Perfectly illustrates her Modern Life Struggles Through 30 Decent Comics

In this digital era, where we often find ourselves caught between the virtual and the real, this artist’s illustrations offer a comforting and genuine portrayal of what it means to be human in the 21st century. This artist possesses a remarkable talent for perfectly illustrating the struggles of modern life. Through their art, they bring to life the everyday challenges and dilemmas that resonate with people across the globe.

Their illustrations serve as a mirror reflecting the complexities of contemporary living, from the humorous trials of technology and social media to the poignant moments of self-discovery and resilience. “Comiclicious” is a comic series that masterfully encapsulates the trials and tribulations of modern life. In a world filled with complexities and everyday challenges, this series stands out as a unique and relatable voice in the field of comics. We have compiled her nest illustrations in the next section. If you want to enjoy them, then scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Comiclicious

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#1. Until Death

#2. Under Pressure

#3. Getting Ready


#4. Close Call

#5. Cozy Time

Comiclicious is the username of an Instagram artist named Olivera Vukovic, who goes by the name Liv. Her Instagram account, @comiclicious, has 15,800 followers. In her comics, she incorporates the stupidest and funniest incidents from her daily life. It’s a webcomic that highlights the funniest and silliest moments from the creator’s own everyday life. Liv, in contrast to most artists, never attended art school; instead, she majored in physical chemistry in college.

Liv’s Instagram account features a mix of comics, illustrations, and personal posts. She often collaborates with other artists and shares their work on her account as well. Her comics have been featured on various websites and social media platforms, with many readers finding them entertaining and relatable.

#6. Compliment


#7. Hair Dry

#8. So Wrinkly

#9. New Idea


#10. Let’s be real

#11. New Shoes

Modern life is a tapestry woven with complexities, from the pressures of work and relationships to the constant bombardment of information in the digital age. It’s a world where the daily grind often intersects with the absurd, leaving us to navigate a landscape filled with both humor and challenges. She fearlessly dives into this realm, taking these struggles and transforming them into bite-sized comic gems.

Her comics explore all the issues that we deal with on a daily basis but that are rarely brought up in conversation. And that’s what appeals to people about her drawings. His 16,000 Instagram followers find his artwork to be interesting all the time. To serve as a reminder that everyone experiences moments of hopelessness, we’ve prepared a compilation of some of her most realistic and timely cartoons. I’m hoping these comics can connect with everyone.

#12. Shrink Convention


#13. Fearless

#14. Colorful Clothes

#15. Check out


#16. Search for inspiration

#17. Nice Life

#18. Trap in dream


#19. What do you see?

#20. Life

#21. Book Reading


#22. Home

#23. Idea During Shower


#24. Panic Attack

#25. Good Week

#26. Super Confident


#27. Skip

#28. Sleep Time

#29. Relatable


#30. Handle Stress

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