20 Cherry Boo Comics Shows What Happens in the Everyday Life of Couples

In a world where scrolling through Instagram feels like looking for a collection of couple comics, Cherry Boo Comics is a little beauty on Instagram that brightens our days and makes us laugh. The brilliant mind behind this Instagram account is Praneel Dalvi. The artist is from India and is a freelance artist. He creates comics based on his experiences with his partner, and they are known as Cherry and Boo.

He shows himself as a Boo character in his comics, and her partner is named Cherry. His comics based on adorable moments, confusion, and the pleasures of being together revolve around relatable situations. He currently has an audience of 18,600 followers on his Instagram account. If you are a couple and want to enjoy some moments that happen in couple life, then feel free to check out the following section.

Credit: Cherry Boo Comics

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#1. Long Distance Relationship

#2. Game Over

#3. Sleep Alone


#4. Sketching

#5. Messy Hair

#6. Received The Parcel


He claims that all people who have been in a relationship can identify with the characters and scenarios, which gives the humor an honest and realistic quality. His comics combine smart expression with expressive graphics to generate huge laughs without going into ridiculous or unpleasant comedy. Even though their comics make fun of common relationship blunders, they ultimately promote love and connection and make you feel wonderful.

#7. Doorbell Ringing


#8. Sleepy Head


#9. Exams


#10. Feeling Sick


#11. Which One?


#12. Scared


#13. So much Love

#14. First Time

As absurd as it might seem, in his opinion, there could never be ups and downs in the absence of love. His comics are centered around the temporary times you get to spend with your true love. We are able to appreciate life’s small pleasures even more as a result of all of its difficulties and hardships. She documents these occurrences to ensure that bonds get strengthened and that people enjoy these moments with their loved ones.

#15. Did not sleep

#16. Always Protective

#17. Expectation vs Reality

#18. Break Time

#19. What Happens?

#20. irritation

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