20 Fossil Fools Comics Perfectly Sums Up Relatable Problems and Emotions

Fossil Fools Comics is a fabulous web comic series that was created by brilliant artist Alex Fridlin. He is the artist who creates the funny and adorable lives of dinosaurs, who are drawn in a human-like way. He claims that dinosaurs are not the evil monsters we see in movies but rather relatable creatures that deal with real-world issues and feelings such as struggling with dating, shopping, and working out at the gym.

This webcomic series explores the ancient history of dinosaurs. He expertly shows through his comics that dinosaurs are animals that are comparable to humans in both behavior and problems. By creating comics like this one on Instagram, he was able to gather 6,648 followers. In the following part, let’s examine the best comics by this artist. We hope his comics will surely change your thoughts about these creatures.

Credit: Fossil Fools Comics

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#1. Priorities

#2. That’s how the song goes

#3. Time Machine


#4. Better

#5. Nightmare

#6. Talent


His drawings show the day-to-day activities of these dinosaur couples, showcasing their special qualities, sensitive moments, and adorable special relationships. He uses wise words and gentle humor to make fun of romantic expectations and everyday events. The comedy is always lighthearted and friendly, making for a comfortable and pleasurable read.

#7. New Phone

#8. Six Pack

#9. Overachiever


#10. Books

#11. He’s ready to make a sacrifice for his role

#12. Stressed Human


#13. Beating the game of life

#14. Negative

In spite of their humor, his comics have emotional scenes that promote friendship, love, and the beauty of the natural world. These lovely times can be an example of the importance of valuing our relationships and finding joy in the little things in life. If you’re looking for adorable and fantastic dinosaur comics that are humorous, inspirational, and visually appealing, you have to simply click here and here.

#15. Dangerous


#16. That’s why they are pirates

#17. Million Years

#18. GYM


#19. To do List

#20. Imagination

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