20 Centilia Comics Shows The Daily Life of a Foodie Couple

Comics about foodie couples tap into our universal love for food and laughter, showcasing the delicious adventures and relatable mishaps that come with sharing your life with someone who’s equally passionate about eating. That’s why we bring comics of such a couple for you. Let’s explore this couple in this blog.

Centilia.official is a lovely journey into the world of a young couple Centilia and Raei, depicting their daily lives and common love story via charming comics and sweet humor. Grand gestures and dramatic plotlines are forgotten. Centilia.official cartoons concentrate on the little, attainable details that define a connection. They currently have a huge audience of 193,000 on their Instagram account. In the next part, we’ve collected their best comics. If you’re in a relationship and want to enjoy these comics, scroll down to the part below.

Credit: Centilia.official

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#1. Pizza

#2. Thank You

#3. Love Time

#4. Beautiful Girl

#5. Are you okay?

#6. Wait

Centilia’s art is distinguished by its simplicity and attractiveness. A warm and inviting atmosphere is created by soft lines, expressive characters with huge eyes and playful features, and a minimalist use of color. The comics have a soothing design that suits the lighthearted humor well. She always captures the adorable things that happen in her daily life with her lover, which her audience finds amusing.

#7. Sleeping

#8. Home

#9. Wish

#10. Warm Hug

#11. Book Reading

#12. Something Bothering

#13. Sleep Time

The underlying love and affection between Centilia and Raei is always present in the comics, even though they are full of humorous situations and lighthearted moments. Every comic typically closes on a charming note, reminding us of the small pleasures of being in a committed relationship. Enter their universe, go on adventures with Centilia and Raei, and allow their endearing comics to make you smile.

#14. Please

#15. Picture Together

#16. My Turn

#17. Cold

#18. Hilarious

#19. Relatable

#20. Public vs Home

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