20 Catana Comics Depicts Funny Moments of Daily Life in Relationships

Love may be found in the little things that we do every day, as anyone who has ever been in a romantic relationship can agree. The best selection of Catana Comics, which debuted on Bored Comics various times, will undoubtedly relate to him. You can check her blogs by simply visiting these links  HereHere, And Here. Her drawings represent a closer relationship built over many shared experiences.

We are pleased to introduce you to Catana Chetwynd. She is a very famous cartoonist who lives with her boyfriend, John. They both lived a happy life, and they also sketched the best moments of their lives. One day her boyfriend posted her comics online, and they became popular in 2016. It is the point from which her career got its start. Her comics show different types of characters experiencing the highs and lows of everyday life, including couples, friends, and family members.

She is the illustrator who started posting incredibly realistic drawings on the internet about disappointment, dating issues, and romances. She currently has an audience of 3.3 million followers from all over the world. It appears as though people can really connect to the illustrations the artist makes of romance, desire, and occasionally painful moments in daily life. You should view the segment below to gain a better understanding of her comics.

Credit: Catana Comics

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#1. The panic shutdown is part of the process

#2. Are you ready?

#3. drawing from memory


#4. Two types of people waking up from a nap

#5. every couple needs that one person who parks at the back of the lot

#6. No Energy


The artist’s concentration is on the lovable and humorous moments of daily life, especially in romantic relationships. They are discussing the difference between doing nothing and doing nothing with someone else, attempting to act mature when communicating with older people, or just getting up and going about their morning routine together. Catana and her bearded boyfriend never fail to make us laugh with their hilarious and incredibly relatable lives.

#7. Are you warm enough?

#8. What are you doing?

#9. Hilarious


#10. Happy Monday

#11. Little Treat

#12. Eat All


#13. What are you dreaming about?

#14. Human names are harder to remember than dog names

The daily lives of couples are illustrated in this adorable web comic. Her comics express love, humor, and a deep understanding of the couple’s world. Her drawings are charming and simple. Despite their differences, they are all fond of eating, snoozing, and getting into trouble. Their behavior makes us laugh since they resemble us so much. If you are also a couple, then you must be related to this blog. Also, share with your couple friends so that they can enjoy these moments as well.

#15. Happy Thanks Giving


#16. Wake Up

#17. Stress Shopping

#18. Did you hear that?


#19. Making cookies

#20. Never wash dishes again with this one weird trick

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