20 Times Artist Riri Creates Comics About Her Amusing Adventures

Finding humor in the ordinary and routine things about daily life is a common theme in the adventures of everyday life. Because it focuses on the unexpected events we come across in our daily lives. To make people laugh, this kind of humor uses humorous situations, observational comedy, and clever comments. It enables people to laugh and find joy in the everyday struggles and small moments that we all face.

Illustrator and comic book artist Riri does art and comics based on her life under the title Alien by Comics. This comic follows a young female artist using a slice-of-life technique. The comic follows her journey through life and romantic relationships. She is an artist who, in addition to portraying the charming, humorous, and funny moments that we all come across, finds humor in familiar scenarios.

She is the artist who finds great satisfaction in creating since it brings her peace of mind and, at the end of the day, it feels good to have made something yourself. Every day, she also receives a lot of positive feedback from readers of her comics. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources, but like many artists tell us, his primary source is his audience and supporters. You can check out her best comics in the next section.

Credit: Alien By Comics

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#1. do you bleed?

#2. What happened?

#3. Fall In love


#4. Alien

#5. Not so great

#6. Progress Report


Her classmates advised her to share her comics with a larger audience when she initially shared them with them. Her comics immediately gained popularity on Instagram, where she started uploading them. People all over the world have connected with her comics because they value her ability to discover humor in ordinary situations with a humorous touch.

#7. Futures

#8. Medication

#9. Self Creation


#10. Gendered Interests

The artist provides some guidance to anyone considering pursuing a career in the field of art. She says that they simply begin sketching. Every start is challenging because getting fame and popularity in the world of comics is not easy. Without considering if others will like them or not, draw the things that bring you happiness. By working hard, you will get success one day.

#11. Refusal of the call

#12. Unleashed Hope


#13. Balancing Act

#14. Made for winter

Her ability to portray her life’s experiences through humorous comics is very amazing. She captures the beauty and humor of everyday events with her original visual style and realistic writing, making even the most boring tasks enjoyable and humorous for her readers. If you also think the content of this artist is funny, then do not forget to hit the share button to support this artist.

#15. Simple pleasures


#16. The trans road

#17. Drag Show

#18. Late Bloomer


#19. Non Binary is freedom

#20. Going Outside

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