Here are 20 Brand-New and Decent Comics about Relationship by Catana Comics

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In recent years, social media platforms have become a breeding ground for talented artists to showcase their work and gain a following. Among them is the popular Instagram artist Catana Comics, who has captured the hearts of millions of fans with her relatable and heartwarming illustrations. Catana Chetwynd, the creator behind Catana Comics, began her artistic journey in her early childhood years. She would often draw cartoons and doodles, which later developed into her signature style of illustrations that we see today. 


Her love for art continued into her adult years, and she eventually started sharing her work on Instagram in 2016. Since then, Catana Comics has gained over 3.4 million followers on Instagram alone, with fans flocking to her page for their daily dose of relatable humor and love. Her comics feature a couple, based on Catana and her boyfriend John, and their everyday experiences. From cuddling in bed to arguing over the thermostat, Catana’s comics depict the small but significant moments in a relationship that many of us can relate to.

Her comics are a reminder that even the smallest moments in a relationship can bring joy and happiness. Catana’s illustrations have a unique style, with her characters having oversized heads and expressive facial features, which add to the charm of her comics. Her illustrations feature characters of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, which is a refreshing change from the mainstream media’s portrayal of relationships. This inclusivity has helped Catana Comics create a space where people can feel represented and seen. Let’s take a look at some of her recent illustrations. You can also enjoy some of her previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Catana Comics

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#1. Mutual interest

image 761

#2. Enjoy this poem

image 762

#3. The nighty ritual

image 763

#4. Men only want one thing

image 764

#5. Yeah!!

image 765

#6. Selfie

image 766

#7. I literally can’t help myself

image 767

#8. Best surprises

image 768

#9. No reason

image 769

#10. Signs

image 770

#11. Just napping

image 771

#12. The ultimate betrayal

image 772

#13. It’s a simple request

image 773

#14. A love poem

image 774

#15. Pro move

image 775

#16. Are you bitting me?

image 776

#17. Benefits

image 777

#18. Snow of the year

image 778

#19. That won’t be a problem

image 779

#20. Dog will keep me company

image 780

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