20 Captain Scratchy Comics Shows the World Through the Eyes of Pets

Captain Scratchy is an Instagram account famous for single-panel animal comics. The brainchild behind this comic series is a freelance cartoonist whose good name is Chuck Ingwersen. His work features hilarious animal cartoons and comics, often depicting the world through the eyes of pets and other creatures. Since his 2009 web comic debut, he has developed into a zoo of animal characters, each with their own unique personality.


Hsi comics touch on a variety of themes, including the sometimes-strained relationship between cats and dogs, the absurdity of everyday life, and the struggles of pet ownership. Since 2009, he has gained a loyal following of 50,600 followers for his laugh-out-loud humor and relatable characters. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out the following section.

Credit: Captain Scratchy

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#1. A lot of this is going around


#2. don’t know how to play tennis


#3. Statistical Research

#4. New Hose


#5. Something Fun

#6. Enjoy it


His comics are mostly based on different animal characters. Some of the famous characters are Rick and the Cat, who seem perpetually annoyed by everything. Rufus is a dog and an easygoing roommate who’s always up for an adventure. Beatrice is the horse who is short-tempered but ultimately a lovable character. Larry the Beaver is a lethargic and perpetually intoxicated rodent with a love for naps. Doug is the bear, who is a moody and sarcastic character who prefers solitude.

#7. Wishing Well

#8. Alone time


#9. It’s hot

#10. More Attainable


#11. Technology

#12. Oscar Party


#13. Sock Detectives

#14. Missing sock


#15. Full of Crap

#16. Get Busy


The creator of the web comic claims that a love for animals inspired him to create it. Additionally, he claims that comic book readers are drawn to animal characters because they seem funny. Additionally, it’s simple to portray feelings and emotions while using animal characters. He has comics that are humorous, lighthearted, and depict animal friends in strange situations. You can check out his comics by clicking herehere, and here.

#17. Sweaty Horse

#18. Reaction


#19. Crap Time

#20. Self Esteem


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