20 Captain Scratchy Comics Perfectly Shows Hilarious Moments in Animals Life


Chuck Ingwersen” is a freelance cartoonist, humor writer, and illustrator with an affinity for animals. The artist used animals in his cartoons. By generating such content, he has amassed 51,200 followers on his Instagram account, “Captain Scratchy.”

The author also claims to have created the webcomic Captain Scratchy, which depicts dogs, cats, bears, beavers, horses, sharks, and just about every other type of animal. The artist constantly publishes new comics and continues to wow people with his youthful passion for painting. The theme of this artist’s comics is to try to explore the human condition in a humorous way. Most of the time, the artist substitutes animals for humans. Scroll down to the section below to view the hilarious comics.

Credit: Captain Scratchy

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#1. Christmas


#2. Santa dogs are getting festively frisky

#3. Christmas Sweater


#4. Fast Food

#5. How to Hibernate


Captain Scratchy’s ability to make people laugh with observational humor is what makes him unique. It’s the kind of humor that gets you nodding along, finding yourself in these characters’ bizarre behaviors. The comic’s humor connects with the audience, whether it’s a cow wondering the mysteries of the universe or a chicken setting off on a quest to find the ideal breeding order.

#6. Can Smell Your Fear

#7. Escape Room


#8. Turn Up The Volume

#9. Non Stop Adventure


#10. Halloween

In 2009, the artist started working on webcomic projects. He started his Instagram account in 2019 and soon attracted followers thanks to his distinct sketching style and capacity to convey narratives in a limited number of panels. Pop culture, daily living, and social criticism are topics he frequently addresses in his writing. His webcomic series, Captain Scratchy, has made him well-known.

#11. When you forget to say FETCH


#12. Return Policy

#13. The Job Interview


#14. Food

#15. No


#16. Box Cats

His comics are a heartwarming dose for animal comics lovers. Through this artist’s comics, the bonding between humans and their furry friends also becomes stronger. Don’t forget to comment on and share this blog. By clicking hereherehere, and here, you can also go through some of his previous articles on boredomomics, which will definitely make you laugh out loud.

#17. Partners in Christmas time crime


#18. Consumer

#19. Dogs will be dogs


#20. Fair and Square

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