This Artist Never Fails To Amuse His Audience With 20 Single-Panel Animal Comics


Comics have long been an escape into colorful worlds filled with quirky characters and chuckle-inducing adventures. Among these, one gem sparkles in the digital realm: Captain Scratchy. Created by the talented Chuck Ingwersen, a freelance cartoonist hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, this webcomic is a tapestry woven with humor, relatable characters, and observational wit.

A motley crew of characters—bears, horses, sharks, dogs, cats, cows, chickens, humans, and even more—all converging in the panels of Captain Scratchy. Each character is a vibrant hue in Ingwersen’s palette, etched with quirks that make them both relatable and endearing.

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Credit: Captain Scratchy

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#1. Bear Week


#2. Agreement

#3. When toast met avocado


#4. Wordplay

#5. Filled with stuffing


What sets Captain Scratchy apart is his knack for tickling the funny bone with observational humor. It’s the kind of humor that makes you nod in agreement, recognizing yourself in the eccentricities of these characters. Whether it’s a cow pondering the mysteries of the universe or a chicken embarking on a quest for the perfect pecking order, the comic’s humor strikes a chord with its audience.

#6. Offer Seems Great

#7. Being Sarcastic


#8. Nap

#9. Marketing Advice


#10. Horse Restaurant

#11. Don’t Buy


Ingwersen set sail on this comedic journey back in 2009, birthing Captain Scratchy into the digital universe. Since then, this webcomic has burgeoned into a phenomenon, attracting a loyal following of 51,200 eager fans on his Instagram account alone. With each panel, Ingwersen weaves a tale that resonates with his audience, drawing them into a world where even the most ordinary situations transform into laugh-out-loud moments. It’s this ability to infuse everyday life with a dash of whimsy that has endeared Captain Scratchy to its legion of fans.

#12. Beauty of fall

#13. Monster


#14. Wolf

#15. Hungry Squirrels


#16. Shark meets ghost

#17. Morning Routine


In a world where laughter is a cherished treasure, Captain Scratchy stands as a testament to the power of a good comic. Chuck Ingwersen’s creation is not just a webcomic; it’s a jovial oasis, inviting all to bask in the warmth of its humor. Join the multitude and let Captain Scratchy whisk you away into a realm where bears, sharks, and chickens reign supreme and laughter echoes through the panels. Indulge in the mirthful escapades penned by Ingwersen and discover why this webcomic has earned its place among the favorites of many.

#18. Come Alive

#19. Another Wrinkle


#20. Funny Bone

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