20 Brutally Honest Comics Depict everyday life from the perspective of women


Brutally Honest Comics is a webcomic series created by Brazilian artist Deya Muniz. It features relatable and often humorous comics that deal with the everyday struggles and absurdities of life, particularly from the perspective of women. Her art style is simple, with expressive characters and a black and white background. Her comics usually show witty dialogue and relatable situations that resonate with readers.

Brutally Honest Comics has gained a large following of 137,000 followers online, and Muniz has also published several collections of her work. You can find her comics on various platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. Her comics often feature relatable characters who face the challenges of work, relationships, and self-doubt with a healthy dose of humor. We have compiled her best comics for you in the following section. We hope your time will be worth it to enjoy these comics.

Credit: Brutally Honest Comics

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#1. Perfectly clean


#2. Physical body

#3. Life is so hard


#4. Staring

#5. So lonely


#6. Maximum volume

The artist openly explores the honest truths of her life, putting a girl’s everyday problems center stage. Her comics are a refreshing source of comedy and brutal honesty as they address the strange truths of everyday life, giving us just what we need to accept that we are not always perfect. She shares her own thoughts and feelings in the series, which is personal and based on events in her own life.

#7. beauty tips


#8. super hero movies

#9. Friendship


#10. Hair looks the same

#11. presentation


#12. Calm down

#13. Being chubby


#14. Dealing with stress

Her comics have been praised for their relatable humor and honest portrayal of everyday struggles. She also challenges unrealistic beauty standards and promotes body positivity. Brutally Honest Comics shows a humorous and relatable take on the everyday struggles of life. The comics are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt awkward. You can also watch her earlier articles on our website by simply clicking here.

#15. new phone


#16. Summer time

#17. no sleep


#18. so busy

#19. break asked


#20. really hot

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