20 Breial Strek Comics Perfectly Sum Up Everyday Happenings in a Hilarious Way

In the past few years, Instagram has become the favorite place for artists to post their comics. That’s why there are currently thousands of comic artists on the Instagram platform. Instagram’s strong engagement features like likes, comments, and stories help comic creators build a fanbase and directly interact with their readers. By keeping in mind that a well-designed comic panel has the potential to go viral, Breial Strek starts making comics.

She started making comics approximately one year ago as a way to deal with her frustrations, drawing inspiration from her own weird artistic ideas. She can only reach a small audience on Instagram by working hard. She says that when you see how many individuals find humor in your timely comics and when you read all of the lovely comments made by readers, you are greatly motivated to keep creating as a creator.

Credit: Breial Strek

If you are interested in learning more about the artist, then the good news is that she is active on various social media platforms. All you have to do is click on Instagram and Facebook. You can also enjoy her best comics by exploring the following section till end.

#1. Good Morning

#2. Let me know

#3. Inspiration


#4. Laugh at joke

#5. Melting Down

She defined herself as a female artist who uses her Instagram account to share relatable content. Her main topics of discussion are her own self-illustrated drawings and everyday observations. The artist and routine events are the primary themes of her comics. People always appreciate and can relate to her comics, and they eagerly await her new releases.

#6. Using Lane Assist


#7. Some Beers This Weekend

#8. Got this Task

#9. Something is wrong


#10. Programmer

#11. Looks so Cute

#12. Turn off the lights


The most important thing that sets her comics apart is their ability to make people laugh and feel better, even during their saddest days. She has the incredible ability to make her readers laugh by turning ordinary events into wisecracks. Her comics will undoubtedly brighten you up if you are having a rough day too. Hopefully, you people enjoyed her blog. For more of this type of fabulous content, come back to Bored Comics on a regular basis.

#13. How was your weekend?

#14. Good Day

#15. Put the jacket Back


#16. Order some take away

#17. Shaving

#18. What are you doing?


#19. Buying New Phone

#20. Small Coffee

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