20 Bloome Comics Beautifully Sums Up Situations Faced by Girls

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Many situations happen in the everyday lives of girls, and they think these situations happen only to them. But there is an artist who captures these situations so that all girls can relate. Hanna Bloo is a talented comic artist who creates relatable and often hilarious comics about her life as a young woman in the internet age. She has a huge audience of 130,000 on her Instagram account.


Her comics touch on a variety of themes, including self-love, friendships, mental health, and everyday struggles. Hanna’s art style is charming and expressive, and her comics are sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed by life. Her comics features expressive characters and full of eye-catching colors. We have compiled her best 20 illustrations in the following section. If you want to enjoy these comics, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Bloome Comics

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#1. Relatable

image 3220

#2. Relationship

image 3221

#3. Dress

image 3222

#4. Perfect

image 3223

#5. Tagged

image 3219

#6. So Cute

image 3218

She is a talented Ukrainian artist who is indeed an expert in the field of art and who captures the ups and downs of everyday life, particularly through her relatable and visually captivating comics. She is active on various social media platforms, but her Instagram account is a great way to stay up-to-date with her latest work and get a glimpse into her creative process.

#7. True

image 3224

#8. Weekends

image 3225

#9. Hair style

image 3226

#10. So relatable

image 3227

#11. Others vs me

image 3228

#12. Feelings

image 3229

#13. Injustice

image 3230

#14. Crop Top

image 3231

#15. Fitness

image 3232

She also shares beauty hacks and tips in their Instagram stories, showcasing creative and affordable ways to enhance your look. If you’re looking for a dose of positivity, relatable humor, and beautiful artwork, Bloome Comics is definitely worth checking out. Her comics are sure to bring a smile to your face and leave you feeling inspired. For more enjoyment, simply click here and here.

#16. So true

image 3233

#17. Beach

image 3234

#18. Decorations

image 3235

#19. Online shopping

image 3236

#20. Perfect

image 3237

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