20 Blogi Comics by a Female Artist Who Enjoys Working Out and Staying Healthy

Today we are here to discuss a female artist who enjoys working out and staying healthy. Blogi Comics is an Instagram account that was created by this female artist. Her good name is Cassey Ho. She is the founder of the fitness platform Blogilates. She is an artist who creates comics based on relatable experiences for people who enjoy working out and staying healthy, often with a humorous twist. 


Her comics have a simple and cartoony style, which is mostly based on Cassey herself and other characters representing different fitness personalities. In addition to her realistic perspective on everyday life, this artist shares on Blogi Comics her personal experiences as a fitness instructor. She has 569,000 followers on Instagram, which is a big audience. In the section that follows, you can see some of her best comics.

Credit: Blogi Comics

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#1. Morning Liquid

#2. Which Person?


#3. temperature Changer

#4. Hair Routine


#5. No time

#6. Skin Care


She has been making comics since 2012. Her comics mostly show the struggles, triumphs, and funny situations that arise when trying to maintain an active lifestyle. She shows herself as a woman who identifies with the challenges and joys of balancing fitness with everyday life. Her comics are well-known for their humor, self-deprecation, and positive messages of acceptance and body image.

#7. Which one are you?

#8. Bloating


#9. Taking Pics

#10. Inbox Type


#11. Weather Quirks

#12. Messy Buns


#13. Comfort Zone

#14. Laugh


#15. Weirder

Blog comics are a wonderful source of inspiration and humor. Her comics are an excellent means of connecting with other lovers of physical fitness and happiness. Blog comics provide a positive message regarding body image and self-acceptance, despite their humorous content. Click these links to view more of her comics: HereHere And Here.

#16. So relatable


#17. Picking food is so hard

#18. Uncomfortable


#19. Sleep time

#20. Eating out


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